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You do not have to do this alone. Tell me your problem and we'll solve it together.




What I Offer You and Your Dog

Bad Dog 2 Good Dog

Training Program

Scooter is such a sweet dog except when he sees another dog......... the FedEx guy......... hears the doorbell. I would love to take him places but he hates the car. I never know when Scooter will embarrass me or frighten someone we meet. If we never had to see anyone or go anywhere life would be perfect. Ugh! Is this how it will be the rest of his life?

           It doesn't have to be.  You can take the first step

           to fix this today.


Curious Dog

Puppy Do Over Training

You researched. You chose the puppy of your dreams. Well the puppy of your dreams didn't keep peeing in the house. Or choose your work trouser legs as a tug toy. Or run away with your keys. What are you going to do with THIS PUPPY?

Be your puppy's hero. Get help today

A girl and her dog


Sophie doesn't play much anymore. Somedays she doesn't even want to go for a walk. And then there's that thing about her back end. She growls and walks away if I pet her there. I hate to start depending on medication but I don't want her to hurt either. Isn't there something else we can try?

Massage therapy works for dogs just like it does for humans. Make life better for your best friend today.

Cute Pug on Sofa
Walking with Dogs


Its all about real life relationships

I am here to help you. Relax. You're not a bad owner and your pup is not a bad dog. Real life is messy but manageable when you understand what is going on. You and your dog love each other so let's clear up the confusion and enjoy each other! Let me teach you to use canine psychology and behavior in a positive and kind way to solve your  problems.

Robyn Bailey

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